Class 4

Class 4 Home Learning

Hello Class 4!

It feels like so long ago that we saw you all! We are missing you all but hope you are keeping well and enjoying both the sunshine and being at home! Although it’s a funny time, it’s also a good opportunity to spend more time with your families and do things you may not usually have time to do! Hopefully we’ll be back at school before we know it!


I will post a work timetable every week (usually Monday) on the website which will guide you on which activities to do each week. Remember it’s just a guide though. We don’t want you working too hard, but at the same time, you must keep your learning brains ticking over ready for the return to school!

Most of you are doing well on your IXL and practicing a lot of the skills that I have recommended and highlighted yellow. If you know you have not practiced in a while, now is the time to do it please! There will be prizes on our return to school for those completing the most questions!

All work that is set out below can be found under the headings English and SPaG, Maths, Reading or Science on our class page. Any problems, let us know via

Groosham Grange

I was hoping to post videos reading chapters of our class reader however due to technical difficulties it won’t seem to work! However, you could still complete the work set using the parts of the story we have already read if you like. Sorry about that! If you can get hold of a copy, you could always finish the book at home. I’m reading it in the evenings and enjoying it enormously!

Marking and photos

If you would like feedback on your work, please email it to us and we will have a look and get back to you. Think of it as long distance marking!

Please do keep all work you have completed and we can share this together when we get back to school.

We are loving receiving photos of what you have been getting up to at home so thank you, it’s lovely to see you all!

Take care!

Please also see below a list of websites which children can access to support their learning whilst at home:

U R Brainy - Free multiplication timed check.

TopMarks -  BBC interactive addition and subtraction game - they like this one!

MathsFrame – Key Stage 2 - A range of maths activities/ games.

The School Run – Good for explaining maths learning and also for topic.

Wow Science – Humans, Animals, Forces and Magnets, Light and Sound

Primary Homework Help - English and SPaG activities

The Oak National Academy - Offering daily lessons, including English, Maths and Topic

Exploratorium - Interesting science activities, including child-friendly information on the coronavirus.

If you would like a better understanding of how to support your children with their reading and writing, then you can take a free course in the Sounds-Write Phonics Program that we use in school.

Follow this link to enrol on the Help Your Child to Read and Write course - part 1

This link will take you to the Help Your Child to Read and Write course - part 2

Time at home is also a great opportunity for children to use other skills too! Cooking, writing shopping lists, working out change from money, walks in nature, etc. Children could even make some art or sculptures from natural resources!

If they want to, children could keep a diary to share with us on their return to school.

Attached here are some number cards, which can be used to create all sorts of maths activities, such as:

  • Place number cards face down on the table. Pick 3 and create a 3 digit number. Repeat. Use the created numbers to practise column addition and subtraction.
  • Create 1 and 2 digit numbers from the cards and practise multiplication and division.

These are just extra ideas, but are not compulsory!

If you need to contact Miss Hall or Miss McLean regarding any work, please email them on

Great Ellingham and Rocklands Schools Federation