Class 5


If you need to contact Mr Cole regarding homework, please email him on

MFL Home Learning via Languagenut

Madam Pandit has signed up for a 30-day free trial with Languagenut, a digital language-learning platform, and has set up classes and assignments to keep your children going until after the Easter holidays. Your login details will be emailed to you, but if you need a reminder you can email Mr Cole on his class email.

You can have multiple attempts to try and improve your score on the assignments.

Bonne Chance!

If you would like a better understanding of how to support your children with their reading and writing, then you can take a free course in the Sounds-Write Phonics Program that we use in school.

Follow this link to enrol on the Help Your Child to Read and Write course - part 1

This link will take you to the Help Your Child to Read and Write course - part 2

Other resources that may be useful include:

Virtual Museums - Connects to a number of virtual tours of museums and galleries.

Supermovers - Videos from the BBC for physical exercise

Twinkl - Twinkl resources for parents

Nrich Maths - A range of open-ended investigations to develop mathematical and problem-solving skills

Lichess - Free online chess, unless logged in chat is limited and safe

TTS Home Learning - TTS home learning resources


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