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Hi Class 4,

Here is a little DT project (that also involves a little bit of science and maths!) that I thought you might like to do over the next few weeks! You are going to find out about sundials and make one! Hopefully the weather will stay sunny for this!

First of all you will need to do some research…..!

  • What is a sundial?
  • Who invented the sundial?
  • Why was the sundial invented?

Now it’s time to get busy, have a go at making your own sundial! There’s two options to choose from, if you want to make a traditional sundial click on this link and follow the instructions.

Or if you want to make a more simplified version, follow these instructions!

This simple sundial clock is made from a paper plate, a pencil and a free printable clock-face template.

  • Paint the back of the plate or leave it plain.
  • Cut out the clock face and glue it on the back of the plate.
  • Use a hammer and nail to punch a hole in the centre.
  • Stick a pencil through the hole—then head outdoors!

Be sure to position the sundial with the “12” pointing north to determine the current time.

Remember to send us some pictures so we can see your sundials!

Hope you’re all staying safe and well

Miss Hall!


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