English and SPaG

This term we would have been writing non-chronological reports; you can complete this learning at home!

Start by choosing a focus that interests you. It could be an animal, country, footballer, scientist – anything at all!

Once you have decided what or who you would like to research, there is some information and documents below to support you with the writing of your report.

Why not present your report to your family…


Opening statement – Introduce the information

Who are you writing about?

What is it or what is it used for?

Where is it found?

When is it found?

Description of topic or situation including some or all of its: 

Qualities – Birds have feathers.

Parts and their functions – The beak is…

Habits or behaviours or uses – They build nests out of

twigs and sticks.

Planning and research is very important when writing a

non-chronological report. 

  • It is helpful to write in note form while planning.
  • Plan what paragraphs are needed and what is going under them.
  • Use a range of resources to gather information.
  • Select facts from a range of sources to interest the reader: books, interviews, films and TV documentaries.

Example of non-chronological writing

Features checklist

Planning sheet

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