Home Learning – w/c 4th May 2020

Class 5 home learning for week beginning 4/5/20

Please complete as much as you can but don’t worry if you don’t do all of it – it’s a just a guide. You will find all the work you need in the resources section at the bottom of this page.


First Aid

Practising first aid skills could help to save somebody’s life. This website has some easy to follow videos covering what to do if someone is choking, has a burn and lots of other emergencies. In my house we have been role-playing scenarios and practising what we say when we call 999 for an ambulance. Could you practise your skills too? You may even want to make yourself a first aid guide or how-to book!

Optional Extra Tasks

Write an adventure story using yourself and your best friend as the main characters. Follow these criteria:

  • Write in the 1st person throughout
  • Ensure something dramatic happens in the middle
  • Have a surprise ending that the reader isn’t expecting!

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