• Measure heights of everyone in your house.
  • Order these lengths from shortest to longest.
  • Compare these lengths and find the difference between each persons height.
  • Measure the length of other items in your house. Record these measurements in centimetres and then millimetres. What do you notice?
  • Set up a shop, price up items, use real money to pay (remember to give this back to whoever has lent it to you!), can you give change? How can you work it out?
  • What’s the smallest number of coins you can use to pay for £1, 90p, 45p, £2.50, £4.67… can make up more amounts!
  • Try the amounts again but this time what’s the largest number of coins you can use to pay with!


Remember we’d love to see any examples of the work you’ve been doing, or take some photos of what you’ve been up to and any creations you’ve made. It would cheer us up as we are both missing teaching you and seeing your faces every day! Email us at

Hope you are all keeping safe and well!

Miss Hall

Great Ellingham and Rocklands Schools Federation