New home-learning activities – 18th May 2020

Wider curriculum learning

Download the home-learning pack for your year group for outside and wider-curriculum activities. Try and pick something from the outside activity list for your child's year group each day (for in your garden or on your daily walk).

Wider Curriculum Home Learning Pack EYFS

Wider curriculum for Reception: Alistair Bryce Clegg has 50 fantastic ideas for practical learning for Reception (EYFS) children, which can be found on his website.


Read daily – read and enjoy books to keep up the skills you have learnt. Talk about what you are reading, write down what you liked or disliked about each book.


Please try to do a little bit of both daily. Continue to practise your sound fans, making words and writing sentences using words that contain di- and trigraphs.

Play the weekly sound swap game and learn the list of weekly spellings posted on the website.

There are also some useful ideas and structured lesson ideas on the Monster Phonics home learning page; just click on your child’s year group and take it from there.

Letters and Sounds are also releasing daily phonics lessons for Reception children at 10am.  We use Letters and Sounds in conjunction with Sounds Write to teach blending and segmenting skills, have fun!
You can also find a link to setting up YouTube Kids here to add parental controls to keep them safe online.


Ideally aim for mastering one skill a day (or more if you wish!) Have a look on your child’s rewards page. The aim is for them to complete the year by the end of August 2020 and there are a set amount of skills to master in each year group. Reception have 96 skills to complete.

Oak National Academy

The DfE have been collaborating with teachers around the country to provide an online resource with daily English, Maths and Foundation lessons. If you would like to further supplement the activities I post each week follow this link. Click on online classroom, schedule, Reception.

If you would like some extra maths activities for Early Years you can look on the White Rose Maths website.


Remember, whatever you're doing at home, make sure you keep anything you complete to share with us when we're all back at school. You can also email me pictures of work and activities that you've completed. We would love to see what you've been up to!

Great Ellingham and Rocklands Schools Federation