Federation Governors

A Message from Your Joint Chairs of Governors

The Federation of Great Ellingham and Rocklands Schools means that we have two schools sharing one governing body.

We hope that you will look at the governor section of our schools' web-sites to find out more about how we operate.

We are somewhat unusual in that the position of Chair of Governors is shared jointly between the two of us. We have two Vice chairs also, and find that this works well.

We are privileged to be working with our fellow governors and members of staff in each school to offer the best possible educational experience to our pupils. We greatly value the all-important support of parents who also want the very best for their children.

Please be mindful that it is the teachers, with reference to the Executive Head if necessary, who usually deal with schools issues. However, we are always available to discuss with you any school-related matters and will also be pleased to explain the work of governors.

We can be contacted by email on chairofgov@greatellingham.norfolk.sch.uk or through either of our school offices.

Rocklands: 01953 483369

Great Ellingham: 01953 453342


Who's who on the Federation Governors

A separate chart demonstrates committee membership and other specific monitoring duties undertaken by each governor.

Updated Nov 2018

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