Federation Vision

Every child will be nurtured and inspired to reach their full potential in becoming an inquisitive learner, who aspires to achieve excellence and become a confident member of the community.


A happy, "family-style" community, in which all individuals respect and value each other, whilst working together.


  • respect for the rules, democracy and the law
  • concern for individuals' feelings, through mutual respect
  • high aspirations: high attainment
  • quality teaching and excellent behaviour
  • honesty, integrity and tolerance
  • a respect for all faiths and beliefs
  • protecting our environment, the village and the community
  • a healthy lifestyle for all

School Mottos

The character and ethos of our schools are embodied in our mottos.

Great Ellingham Community Primary (GECP)

Great Education: Confident Pupils

Rocklands Community Primary

Small School: Big Heart: Great Expectations