Class One

Hello! Class 1 is where we welcome the children to our school. From the age of 4, children enter our classroom and begin their time at Great Ellingham School. We teach the children a variety of practical lessons and set them on the road to the fantastic adventure that is education.

An important part of our work with the children is helping them to settle in to the school environment; working and playing with others, sharing and learning with their friends. The older children in the school play a significant part in this, providing an example and role models to our new intake.

A crucial part of life in our classroom is the interactive play-based learning. The children learn a huge range of concepts and skills through these carefully planned sessions.

We also use phonics-based schemes of work to help the children develop a strong understanding of sounds and the letters connected to those sounds. This is the base for their understanding of spellings. Hands-on activities help the children's understanding of number to progress.

Mrs Chamberlin is our class teacher, and she works closely with Mrs Spurgeon, Mrs Williams and Miss Snelling.

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