Class Six

Welcome to Class 6! We are a mixed class of Year 5 and 6 pupils. Miss Dodson is our teacher, supported by Mrs Harvey, Mrs Goodrum and Miss Hinsley. We're now based at the back of the school in the classroom that has previously been Class 5.

Class 6_1

Our class values are that we are kind to one another, support each other and include everyone! We approach all of our learning with enthusiasm and a willingness to do our absolute best. Our Year 6 pupils take their responsibilities as school prefects very seriously and are proud to be setting the example for younger children, as well as representing the school at various events throughout the calendar year.

Class 6_2

Our mornings are spent completing Maths, English and guided reading, whilst the afternoons are a mixture of Science, Humanities, PE and lots more! In Science, Class 6 learn about evolution, forces and, in the summer term, space and Earth. This term we have been learning about the circulatory system and exploring how we can present data in a range of ways.

We are currently learning about the stone age in our history and geography studies. Later in the year our geography studies will consider the impact of the slave trade and thinking about why the world has different time zones. Our history will look at the local church's clock and the compare the histories of Baghdad and Bristol.

We are always happy to share our learning and wonderful school with visitors. We look forward to meeting you!

Please follow our Twitter feed to see what learning we have been up to.

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