School Council

The School Council meets on the first Monday of every month. The Chair and Secretary jointly type up an agenda, which they print and distribute before the meeting. Minutes are taken, typed up and given out for agreement and signature.

Issues discussed by the current members revolve around how to make life in school better for all - generally by improving pupil behaviour at playtimes and lunchtimes. Councillors bring potential or actual problems to the attention of the staff, along with suggestions for how to solve them.

They also offer support at the annual school fete, raising funds for the Friends of Rocklands School, and arrange events in aid of various charities.

The School Council have had such brilliant ideas as a camp out on the Rocklands playing field. There were 17 tents and caravans and lots of families joined us for the evening. We barbecued, we played and we slept a little!!! Lots of the children were up at 5am on Saturday morning! They raised an incredible £425 for our school.

The School Council are making a great contribution, and we all appreciate the time and effort they put in for the benefit of the whole school community.

Great Ellingham and Rocklands Schools Federation